PixelPub is an international gaming community that strives to provide the best in social gaming. We are Discord partnered which means we are officially recognized by Discord. We provide a fun and safe social gaming environment in and out of game.


PixelPub welcomes all gamers! We believe that gaming should be experienced by all ages and skill levels. We provide rules that emphasizes respect and kindness to one another, this is the cornerstone of PixelPub. If players are respectful and kind to one another, great things can be achieved.


Gaming is more than just a hobby. It brings us together across cultures and ages. PixelPub is here to help gamers do what they do best, play games! Join today, meet the community and create some great gaming experiences together!


Earn Levels in Discord!


PixelPub wants members to feel special when they interact with others within the community. Mee6 Discord bot allows for members to earn experience, gain levels and earn prizes! Start earning XP today!



Website Revamp


We want to make this the PixelPub website the best it can be! Provide feedback and tell us what you want to see! Visit the Contact Us to get in touch with our staff team!

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We are always adding new games to our community. Look forward to titles like Anthem, The Division 2 and Borderlands 3!