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December 2018 Member of the Month

Posted on January 2nd, 2019 in PixelPub Community by Megan

Can you tell us about yourself, what games you enjoy playing and what gamertag they can find you as?

Mhaka: Well, that's tough because I don't really talk much about myself but ok. I have been playing games for a very long time. My first computer ( if u want to call that a computer ) was a Commodore 64 smile . I mostly like looter shooters and old school rpg's like Pillars of Eternity and such. My gamer tag on everything basically is either Mhaka or Carbon.

SovietJim: I'm SovietJim and I've been a part of PixelPub since October 2017. I'm a C++ developer by profession and currently work as lead automation engineer for a software company focused in the legal field. By night I am the most sweaty casual gamer you will ever meet. I mostly play Destiny 2, Path of Exile, and Rocket League. I'm also a huge fan of RTS games, and really enjoy the noble sport of golf.
You can find me at SovietJim#1825 on BattleNet, any other gamertags are in my Discord profile.

Awesome! We would also like a fun fact about yourself?

MhakaI like a little trolling as you may have noticed and also dislike people who overdo it. I like good food and drinks. I'm a proper foodie and love anything to do with food. I like chatting with people and also bake cookies for a living.

SovietJim: A fun fact about myself... lets do a couple. I can play 12 different instruments. I am a huge audiophile and mechanical keyboard fetishist. I built my own computer desk. I am the most vocal opponent of Razer™ products on this server. My hair is 18 inches long, but I can't grow a beard to save my life.

Can you tell us about why you enjoy it here at PixelPub?

Mhaka: I like PxP because of the great  people it has. I really like this awesome community , I like the staff, and also like helping the people in this community because most are nice and that gives me a sense of doing something right. I also hope more people will follow  my example. And to finish off, I have never been in any Discord server this long, so thanks to all the awesome members  (and staff) that make me feel like I belong here.

SovietJim: I enjoy PixelPub because of the constructive community. There is little drama, all of the staff are nice and do their jobs well. The server gives back to the community through the donations received in order to further benefit the community. It's a sweet place to be and I am glad to have called it home for 15 months.