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November 2018 Member of the Month

Posted on December 1st, 2018 in PixelPub Community by Megan

Shadow has been a long standing member in our community who is extremely active andz always there to help anyone out that needs it. He has really stepped up and shown great leadership qualities and has been an amazing asset.

We asked Shadow some questions for MotM:
Can you tell us about yourself, what games you enjoy playing and what gamertag they can find you as?

Well, my gamertag is ShadowVulpix on pretty much any game/platform. I'd call myself quite the comedian, although some would disagree. I'm pretty sure nearly everyone has seen me at some point poking fun at a staff member. Games I play the most now would probably be Rogue Legacy on the switch and for PS4 I've started playing skyrim again.

Awesome! We would also like a fun fact about yourself?

This is probably a stupid one. But I have a photographic memory when it comes to places I've visited only once. And then that image into a "map". It's hard to explain but TL:DR, I'm a walking map and compass.

Can you tell us about why you enjoy it here at PixelPub?

It's a good distraction tbh, people here are a blast to talk to, and it's just a great community overall. Although I have to say I enjoy messing with people the most.

Please join us in congratulating Shadow and send us some nominations for next month!

Just a reminder the minimum requirements for Member of the Month are

Must be an active discord user (Minimum Mee6 Rank 10)
Must not have any infractions within the last 3 months
Must not have earned Member of the Month in the past 3 months

Send us your nominations for next month's Member of the Month by Dm'ing the PixelPubBot, deadline is Dec 28th.