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The Bad Mama Jamas Compendium: A Guide for the New Players of Azeroth! Article #1

Posted on May 29th, 2018 in World of Warcraft, The Bad Mama Jamas, PixelPub Community, World of Warcraft Guides by Blaze



Welcome to the first installment of The Bad Mama Jamas Compendium! I am very excited to get started on making guides for my guild and the Pixel Pub Community. As someone that has played the game for the past twelve years, there is no other game out there that I have had as much love for. You meet so many great people that have the potential of becoming life long friends and some have even found their soulmate through the game. I myself have met some great friends along the way and I want to dedicate this entire collection of guides to all of you. People come and go, but to all of you who have stuck with me… I want to thank each and every one of you. I plan to do that by growing this community into what we always wanted it to be.



Getting Started:

            So, you’re probably reading this because you are new to the game or you are thinking about stepping into Azeroth for the first time. Hopefully this guide will give you the majority of what you need in order to get a smooth start. I will break this down into many sections, so that you can skip around to exactly what you need!

            The most important thing is knowing what you need! Battle for Azeroth is coming out in a couple months now (August 14th) and it will be the 7th expansion to the base game. Right off the bat it sounds like you have to spend a lot of money just to get all of the expansions to catch up. FALSE. Something that Blizzard does well is keeping the overall game affordable. The base game of WoW stays $19.99 and they always add the previous expansion to be included in it. So right now for $20 you get the base game and the first five expansion. BUT WAIT IT GETS BETTER (I am an actual salesman irl)! Since Battle for Azeroth is coming up they have a special going on where you can pay $60 and you get everything. All of the expansions including the one that is about to come out, and it comes with a character boost to 110 (current cap until BFA). That is an insane deal considering Legion and BFA are $49.99/ea by themselves. Also, note that the game does have a $15/month subscription that can also be paid for with gold in game.


Picking a Server & Faction

            You bought the game? Awesome! The first time you login to the game be very careful. It automatically assigns you to a realm and 9/10 that is not where your friends are. At the top right it will tell you the name of the server you are about to make a character on. If you are interested in joining The Bad Mama Jamas it is important to know that our Alliance guild is on the server “Sargeras” and our Horde guild is on “Bleeding Hollow”. You can change the server by simply clicking the “Change Realm” button searching for it. Faction is really a preference since the benefits you gain from different racial bonuses are very minimal.

Picking a Class

            Picking a class can be difficult for a new player. I strongly suggest that you read what each class can do and even watch videos on YouTube about them. Another strong suggestion is making a Class Trial. When you make a new character at the top of the screen there is a setting you can click to make a level 100 character in order to test it out. It is a simple tutorial-like character that allows you to get a feel of what it can do at a high level. If you choose to use your level 110 character boost right away, I would say making the class trials is a MUST. Some classes may seem really cool, but they may not fit the playstyle you enjoy. You can always apply your boost to your class trial toon if you decide you absolutely love it.



            I want to be clear right off the bat on this… While leveling you are most likely going to thing the story is boring. This is because most of the story is told in end game content raiding cut-scenes. In the past couple of expansions however, the story telling has gotten a lot better for leveling. Overall leveling up does not take that long. You do have to realize that 110 (soon to be 120) levels is a lot of levels, so you aren’t going to necessarily rocket your way there either. Compared to other MMOs though, I have felt that the leveling in WoW is a lot faster. This is especially true when you have enough money to buy heirlooms for future toons you level (more on this in another guide). Blizzard spends most of their time on max level content, because that is where most of the game is played. They also made it a lot easier to stay in a zone without out leveling the quests that are there. They implemented scaling leveling zones across the game. Now zones from Vanilla WoW scale from 10-60, Burning Crusade and Lich King zones scale from 60-80, and Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria zones scale from 80-90. You have more freedom on where you can level and you really do not have to leave a zone if you do not want to. Moral of the story is: Trust the process… power through leveling and it will be worth it!



            Just like the leveling zones, the dungeons also scale a little more freely. Knowing the basis of doing dungeons is the more important lesson here though. Breaking it down as simple as it goes: A dungeon is a 5 player instance that you can queue up for and complete with other players. They usually tie into the story of the zone they are in, because back in the day you had to actually travel to them and manually find a group. Now we have the great world of matchmaking to save us all some time! To pull up this screen you have to be at least level 15 and by pressing “I”. It will open the below screen and you will see symbols that represent different roles. A dungeon group consists of 1 Tank, 1 Healer, & 3 DPS (damage dealers). You check the box that corresponds with what your class can do. Ex. The picture below is a hunter, so I can only join the queue as a DPS because they cannot heal or tank. Tanks and healers usually get into dungeons quicker, because there are a lot less of them while leveling up, so if your class can do them take advantage of it!


This information should get a new player on the right track. There is no doubt that there are more questions that a new player may have, but that is inevitable. World of Warcraft is a very expansive game that keeps changing. If you enjoyed this guide be on the lookout for additional guides coming soon. Just enjoy the game and do not rush to learn everything as fast as possible. After 12 years, I am still learning more and more everyday so do not feel lost. Thank you for taking the time to read this guide and feel free to give some feedback directly to me via discord.