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The Bad Mama Jamas Compendium Article II: Add-ons & How to Get Them!

Posted on July 1st, 2018 in The Bad Mama Jamas, World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft Guides, PixelPub Community by Blaze

The Bad Mama Jamas Compendium Article II

What are Add-ons and How to Get Them!



            It recently came to my attention that I needed to make a guide for addons to follow my new player guide. I often find myself assuming everyone knows how to do things that are basics to me. That is obviously not the case, because without any direction, getting addons is something a new player might not even know exists. I hope this guide gives a clear perspective of what addons are and how they benefit you!


What Do Add-ons Do?

            Add-ons, mods, or whatever your preference is on the term are added programs made by players to improve your gaming experience. When it comes to being in a raiding guild, on a Rated Battleground Team, or Arena Team, some addons are required by the leaders of those. They provide more information that is not seen clearly through the base UI. Some addons show your dps and healing meters to show exactly how much you are doing at that exact moment. Some help you with boss encounters, reminding you what abilities are coming soon and their timers. There are also PvP specific addons as well as some quality of life addons to help you track your inventory across all of your characters. I will break down into specifics into later sections of this guide.


Twitch Client

            The first step is quite simple. Back in the day there used to be something called Curse Client. You used this majorly for WoW addons and eventually there was minor support for other MMOs. Curse was bought out by Twitch and they integrated the Curse Client into their Twitch desktop app. If you do not have this app you can easily download it here! Once you get it downloaded you can sign in with your twitch account or sign up if you do not have one. Right besides the search bar there is a button labeled “Mods”. That is the key to getting addons for WoW in the most simple form. Their mods support various game titles, but all that is required is to select World of Warcraft and search in the “Get More Addons” tab.


Types of Addons

·         Meters: This type of addon shows you various types of information for what is going on in a given instance or fight. You can create one or more windows to drag to the side of your screen to track your dps/hps, damage taken, deaths, etc. Damage per second (dps) and Healing (hps) are tracked more often than other stats, but you can easily swap your menu to show the others very quickly. Examples of these listed below:

o   Details!

o   Skada

o   Recount

·         Boss/Raid Encounters: These types of addons help improve your performance in raiding situations and have their own sub categories, because you may use more than one of these at a time.

o   Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) & Big Wigs: These are commonly a REQUIRED addons when it comes to raiding (one or the other, not both). Even if you are a very skilled player most raid leaders want everyone in their raid to have one of these because of the benefits it brings. They are supported for all bosses and give you timers for abilities that are about to happen. It allows the raid leader to make callouts as well as lets all players plan for what is coming up. It is customizable as well to give a countdown for abilities or to give a raid wide timer for breaks and such.

o   GTFO: This is exactly what it sounds like. If you are standing in something that is bad or killing you it makes an annoying sound… until you gtfo of it! 😊

o   Exorsus Raid Tools: This addon is helpful for raiding, so you can see other players’ major cooldowns, the gear they are wearing, and many other things. It was created by the guild Exorsus and they thankfully shared this with the WoW community!

·         Healing Add-ons: There are a few healing addon choices you can choose from and it depends on what feels more comfortable to you.

o   Healbot & VuhDo: These are used to assign certain abilities to various click combinations. For example you have everyone’s hp bars on your screen and you left click to use a certain heal and right click for a different one. This is referred to as mouse over healing, because you do not actually have to target the person you want to heal.

o   Grid: This addon gives a more compact view of health plates and you can click to target and use hot keys yo heal. Sometimes this is combined with the addon Clique to give it the same effect as healbot and Vuhdo.

There are many other quality of life addons that make things easier such as using the auction house or tracking items on all of your toons, etc. There are virtually too many addons to cover them all, but this guide should get you started. Once you find addons you like, all you have to do is click the addon button on the twitch client and it puts it in files for you. Once you log into WoW there will be on addons button on the bottom left hand side of your character screen where you can turn them on and off.


I hope this guide helps!