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World of Warcraft Guild - The Bad Mama Jamas

Posted on June 17th, 2018 in PixelPub Community, PixelPub News, The Bad Mama Jamas, World of Warcraft by Bloodrave120

Guild: The Bad Mama Jamas

Realm - Faction: Sargeras - Alliance

Region: US-NA

“On the frontlines of the war, on the battlefields for our homeland, we are The Bad Mama Jamas.”

Looking for players ready to tackle current content and preparing for the new expansion “Battle for Azeroth”!

About Us:

The Bad Mama Jamas strives to provide a rewarding and fun experience in WoW. WoW is best played with gamers that respect and help one another, this is the cornerstone of our guild. When players are respectful, helpful and have a common goal, great things can be achieved. Whether that goal is to complete the latest raid, or dominate in pvp, we got it.

All players are welcome into the guild! When joining The Bad Mama Jamas, you will also be joining many more gamers on our Discord server. This opens opportunities to meet and play with new gamers! We have WoW veterans that have completed all the previous content and are ready to lead new players in the raids, mythic plus dungeons and battlegrounds! We also have a great team of moderators and event leaders to make your experience in WoW better.

The Bad Mama Jamas is not only a WoW guild, but a gaming community. We love WoW but we also enjoy other games and game types. We encourage our guild members not only to play WoW together, but play the games you love, meet new people and be a part of a great community of gamers.

How to Join:

1) Join our Discord!

2) Visit the #the-tavern and introduce yourself!